Underwater Light - X-Series
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Underwater Light - X-Series
Underwater Light - X-Series
Underwater Light - X-Series
Underwater Light - X-Series
Underwater Light - X-Series
Underwater Light - X-Series
Underwater Light - X-Series
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Underwater Light - X-Series
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The OceanLED X-Series combines brightness with affordability. Whether cruising or fishing, the X16 gives stunning performance allowing you to enjoy more time on the water with family and friends.

The X16 packs a mighty 5,800 fixture Lumens into its low profile design and utilises focused optics to produce a 60° circular beam from each LED providing great water penetration, illuminating a large area.

Choose either a single colour version from either Midnight Blue or Ultra White or pick our Colours option where you can select any colour you want from the RGBW spectrum. You can toggle between the colours or with our DMX controller and smartphone app, your choice is virtually limitless.

Looking to catch more fish? Switch on the Fish-Strobe mode and the light emits a random strobe pattern that is proven to attract extra bait fish and help catch more fish.

  • 60° Beam Angle - A wide-angled, focused beam lights up a large area of the water
  • Compact and simple design - Made from a chemically resistant optical polymer with a built in driver, there is a lot packed into this compact light
  • Simple to install - Installation needs only a small, 12mm hole in the hull to feed the cable through and 3 screws in place. No bonding required
  • Easy to clean - Thanks to its Tritonium coating, a simple wipe of the lens removes any underwater growth saving hours of scrubbing each time you use it
  • Fish-Strobe Mode - Exceptionally bright, randomised strobing of the light is proven to attract more fish and catch more bait
  • Active Thermal Control - ATC prevents overheating. In the event of overheating the ATC system will reduce the LED power level in order to protect the LEDs, or in extreme cases, turn o the fixture completely.
  • Colours Control - Colours models are compatible with OceanDMX for full control, interactivity and colour customisation. Alternatively, cycle smoothly between red, green, blue and white with a standard DC switch

    Other Details:

    Description Lumens Fixture
    Volts Current* Approx. Light
    (avg. water quality)
    Approx. Light
    Penetration (perfect
    water quality)
    Driver Type
    12V 24V
    125331 X4 Midnight Blue 1450 1150 9-32V 0.8A 0.4A 6m (20ft) up to 13m + (40ft) Internal
    125332 X8 Ultra White 2900 2300 9-32V 1.65A 0.75A 8m (26ft) Up to 21m + (72ft) Internal
    125333 X8 Midnight Blue 2900 2300 9-32V 1.65A 0.75A 8m (26ft) Up to 21m + (72ft) Internal
    125334 X8 Colours 2900 2300 9-32V 1.65A 0.75A 8m (26ft) Up to 21m + (72ft) Internal
    125335 X16 Ultra White 5800 4500 9-32V 3.2A 1.5A 12m (40ft) Up to 30m + (100ft) Internal
    125336 X16 Midnight Blue 5800 4500 9-32V 3.2A 1.5A 12m (40ft) Up to 30m + (100ft) Internal
    125337 X16 Colours 5800 4500 9-32V 3.2A 1.5A 12m (40ft) Up to 30m + (100ft) Internal

    *(Amperage draw for Colours models vary by the colour selected, this is the maximum)

    Please Note: Fixture Lumens rating is a measurement of total light output from a finished lighting fixture. This measurement can only be obtained from either a Goniophotometer or an integrating sphere. Fixture Lumens is the most reliable, professional measurement of light output. OceanLED has heavily invested in these measurement apparatus and has had all its data verified by the Lighting Association of Great Britain.
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