Make Sure Your Tender or Small Vessel is Legal at Night

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Ensuring your vessel is legal at night will not only potentially save you a costly run in with water police or state maritime authority but will make you visible and safe reducing the risk of collision. It is also a good courtesy to other mariners to be well seen so everyone on the water can clearly determine surrounding vessels speed, direction and status.

Using modern LED technology, battery operated navigation lights have come a long way in recent years. If your tender has mechanical propulsion, it is a good idea to run full navigation lights even if your state does not require it.

Standard fitment for a small power boat under 12 metres is one all-round white light on a pole fixed to the stern displayed above port and starboard side lights or combined bi-colour light on the bow.

This simplifies things for small tenders and vessels, as you only require two lamps. One all-round white and one bi-colour. These days using LEDs, you can purchase units that will operate for many hours on one change of batteries.

We currently recommend the Railblaza NAviPack navigation light package. It includes everything you need to setup your small vessel under 12m without the need of an onboard electrical system. The kit includes three sturdy StarPort style mounts including a SidePort (good for mounting on your vertical transom), StarPort (will screw or bolt onto a horizontal surface) and QuikPort (Adhesive back that will adhere to almost any clean surface including your inflatables fabric). Once you have chosen your mounting locations and fixed to your vessel it is simple as inserting AA batteries into the lights and snapping the lights into position. When not in use they can easily be removed and stowed in the supplied storage bag our of harms way.

The Package includes:

1 x Storage bag
1 x Extenda Pole 1000
1 x i360 (all-round navigation light)
1 x iPS (bi-colour navigation light)
1 x StarPort
1 x SidePort
1 x QuikPort (with 3M VHB adhesive pad)
1 x fastener pack

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